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Basic Info

Product Info1,4 BDO
1. Purity: 99.6%
2. CAS No: 110-63-4
3.Light white powder oil
4.pharmaceutical intermediate.
5. USP/BP standard
Mini Order:1kg
Payment ways:Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram and Bitcoin
Delivery ways:All Express Modes(EMS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS,TOll etc.) Bulk by sea or air.
Shipping address:Provide your Valid and Correct destination address info with post code, phone number.
Packing:Select best ways according to quantity and safety degree,professional and experienced

CAS 110-63-4 Bdo  Uses:
Butanediol and its derivatives is used in a broad spectrum of applications in the chemical industry; amongst others in the manufacturing of technical plastics, polyurethanes, solvents, electronic chemicals and elastic fibres.
1,4-Butanedio is used in the synthesis of epothilones, a new class of cancer drugs. Also used in the stereoselective synthesis of (-)-Brevisamide.
1,4-Butanedio's largest use is within tetrahydrofuran (THF) production, used to make polytetramethylene ether glycol, which goes mainly into spandex fibers, urethane elastomers, and copolyester ethers.
It is commonly used as a solvent in the chemical industry to manufacture gamma-butyrolactone and elastic fibers like spandex.
It is used as a cross-linking agent for thermoplastic urethanes, polyester plasticizers, paints and coatings.
It undergoes dehydration in the presence of phosphoric acid yielded teterahydrofuran, which is an important solvent used for various applications.
It acts an intermediate and is used to manufacture polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and polyurethane (PU).
It finds application as an industrial cleaner and a glue remover.
1,4-butanedio is also used as a plasticiser


110.4 2.221

Company Profile

Anhui Rencheng Technology Co., Ltd (hereafter called ARTC), established in 2015, is a first-level high-tech enterprise, specialized in the field of chemical industry. ARTC distinguishes itself by the very variety and quality of its products that includes pharmaceutical intermediates, plant extracts, chemical reagent, animal pharmaceutical, agrochemical intermediates, antibiotic etc.

Based on the concept of ‘Rooted in China, and head for the World’, anchored by the strength of manufacturing capability and trading management, ARTC have been providing customers all-round services by focusing on details for each step, such as R&D, quality control, logistics and so on, and would like to continue to provide optimal solutions that are efficient, economic and sustainable.

Chemistry needs reaction, friendship needs interaction, while trust lies in between. And the very trust comes from the reliable quality and detail-oriented service. Bearing this motto in mind, ARTC is willing to jointly create a harmonious win-win society with friends all over the world.

We would define us as a cog in the machine and a partner in the cause. In pursuit of the spirit of ‘being part of our customer’, we believe we will merge into the whole picture of splendor of our clients, shining with same hue of glory.


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A:You can send our your Purchase order(if your company has), or just send a simple confirmation by email or by Trade Manager, and we will send you Proforma Invoice with our bank details for your confirmation, then you can make payment accordingly. for payment can also be by western union ,money gram ,bitcoin ,that is very easy

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A:You can get free samples for some products,you only need to pay the shipping cost or arrange a courier to us and take the samples. You can send us your product specifications and requests,we will manufacture the products according to your requests.

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A:For the high value product, our MOQ starts from 1g and generally starts from 10gs. For other low price product, our MOQ starts from 100g and 1kg.

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A: Yes, for larger quantity, we always support with better price.

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First of all, our quality control will reduce the quality problem to near zero. If there is a quality problem caused by us, we
will send you free goods for replacement or refund your loss.

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You can choose your interested products and send inquiry to us.
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A: for small order ,we ship by air express ,like Fedex, TNT,DHL,EMS ,
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